Community Based Eco-Tourism

Problem statement

The proposed area for eco-tourism projects is located on a coastline in the periphery of the community. However, judging by past developments, it will not be long before the people of the local community lose these acres of beautiful coastline to home seekers and outside tourism entrepreneurs and as they continue to occupy and exploit the coastline, the rights of the people to their own land and the future of the fisher folk community becomes more precarious.


Project goal

Our goal is to provide an alternative for the development of the coastline that is more sustainable; a Community Based Eco-Tourism (CBET) Project. The project has its genesis in the belief that the local people have sustained the coastline for decades. It is therefore tribute to the existence and the eco-friendly practices adopted by the local people that the coastline retains its tourism potential. The project also recognizes this contribution by the indigenous community and proposes certain exclusive rights for them over the coastline.

About Us

Consistent with the government of Zimbabwe’s devolution policy and indigenization campaign, Vavambi Development Trust in concert with Seke Rural District and the local council (Manyame Rural District Council) mobilizes funding and approval necessary to implement strategic community development projects and initiatives.


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