Problem statement

Clinics are a major source of healthcare delivery and a point of entry to medical care across the country. The community has a critical need for healthcare innovation and facilities, with patients travelling an average of 4km to access the nearest local rural clinic. Reform efforts remain fundamental to successfully navigating these difficult delivery paradigms.

emergency room exterior in a small rural town

Project goal

Our goal is to construct a local clinic with a maternity and pediatric ward for the people of our community. The project aims to raise awareness of why additional attention and resources for this situation are urgently needed and to build a coalition in support of a collective action towards its achievement.

About Us

Consistent with the government of Zimbabwe’s devolution policy and indigenization campaign, Vavambi Development Trust in concert with Seke Rural District and the local council (Manyame Rural District Council) mobilizes funding and approval necessary to implement strategic community development projects and initiatives.


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