Infrastructure Development

Problem statement

In order to develop a community, the development of infrastructure is indispensable. There are various infrastructural factors which inhibit socio-economic development in Seke Rural District, such as poor local roads and inadequate access to telecommunication infrastructure, information systems and public transportation services. This inhibits human and social capabilities.


Project goal

Our goal is to enhance the development, management, and maintenance of infrastructure in the community. The projects (such as the construction of local roads and boreholes, and engagement in rural electrification projects using solar power and renewable energies) are planned so that the community can maintain and manage the infrastructure without depending on the state

About Us

Consistent with the government of Zimbabwe’s devolution policy and indigenization campaign, Vavambi Development Trust in concert with Seke Rural District and the local council (Manyame Rural District Council) mobilizes funding and approval necessary to implement strategic community development projects and initiatives.


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