Livelihood Support

Problem statement

Seke Rural District is a low-income population, particularly women and children who have suffered livelihood losses and violations of human rights as a result of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, polygamy, and abandonment. Women’s economic role in the community has been limited to vending and, in some instances, small scale horticultural production and subsistence farming which is seasonal.


Project goal

Our goal is to generate income through livelihood projects such as horticulture, poultry, goat and sheep farming, and other so as to provide educational, nutritional, and livelihood support needs of families in the community. Promotion of community-based and managed institutions such as cooperatives will be the core element of sustainability and business ownership. Technical knowledge in building and promoting cooperatives will be shared with interested groups.

About Us

Consistent with the government of Zimbabwe’s devolution policy and indigenization campaign, Vavambi Development Trust in concert with Seke Rural District and the local council (Manyame Rural District Council) mobilizes funding and approval necessary to implement strategic community development projects and initiatives.


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