Vocational Skills Training

Problem statement

There is a high rate of unemployment among people aged 21 – 35 years and rampant school dropout in the community. School dropouts and unemployed youth lose motivation and become irresponsible. They are often unaware of vocational learning opportunities and believe that if they have failed to succeed in the educational system they have fewer options for employment.

Plumbing class at Jesuit training center in Rumbek, South Sudan
Plumbing class at Jesuit training center in Rumbek, South Sudan

Project goal

The organization has identified the need to address this plight by setting up a vocational training centre for the people. The goal of the project is to provide vocational skills training and to foster a change in community attitude where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed.

About Us

Consistent with the government of Zimbabwe’s devolution policy and indigenization campaign, Vavambi Development Trust in concert with Seke Rural District and the local council (Manyame Rural District Council) mobilizes funding and approval necessary to implement strategic community development projects and initiatives.


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